WEBINAR - Watch Now: A New Take on Coronavirus: How to Prepare for Inevitable Disruptions
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WEBINAR - Watch Now: A New Take on Coronavirus: How to Prepare for Inevitable Disruptions

Economic Outlook – Supply Chain Implications – Business Continuity Planning


There’s no escaping the discussion around the coronavirus. COVID-19 is dominating our news cycles and affecting businesses, stock markets and supply chains across the world. At this stage it seems that it’s not a matter of if your organization will be affected, but how much and when.

We’re far from understanding the full impact the coronavirus will have on our global economy, the supply chain and the world – however, in this webinar we will attempt to shed light on how we can be better prepared to address issues as they arise during this ever-evolving crisis.

Please join our webinar where we will bring together three industry experts in economics, supply chain technology and risk management, to hear:

- What is the current status of how the economy is affected and how long the implications might last
- What companies need to do to ensure business continuity during this crisis
- Why supply chain visibility is key and how to gain it
- Recommendations on how to enable crisis response and mitigation long-term
- How organizations can prepare for the future


Christian Titze, Research VP, Supply Chain Technology, 
Gartner John Glen, CIPS economist and professor of economics at Cranfield School of Management 
Heiko Schwarz, Managing Director & Founder, riskmethods

Join this webinar featuring experts from Gartner, CIPS and riskmethods to understand the impact on the economy, get to know where the organizational supply chains are affected and learn how to implement action plans to maintain business continuity.